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All-Around Wine Club Rating: 3.675

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#3 Best Affordable Wine Clubs List
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The WSJwine club, one of the first 12-bottle case clubs, is a great way to get quarterly wine delivery at value-focused prices. Their $14 international wine selections typically offer good value, especially as prices keep rising at the grocery store. Take advantage of their introductory offer of just $69.99 for a case, but be warned, you are signing up for recurring shipments at a much higher price.

What We Like

They have one of the best line-ups of introductory offers for wine clubs we've seen.


A more customized selection geared toward the Wall Street Journal's specific audience.

Limited Time Special Offer

Get your first case for just $69.99. Choose from any of our 5 special cases for your first shipment. If you have a voucher code, we offer the same deal, and some of our offers are even better.

Wine Choices

Red-only and White-only options   Red-only and White-only options   Red-only and White-only options  

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Wall Street Journal Wine Club (WSJwine) Review

by WineClubReviews.net
WSJwine Exclusive Gold Medal Reds Introductory Offer Shipment

We received this shipment of Exclusive Offer #3 in May of 2017.

WSJwine is run by a successful wine club provider in the UK that's been providing wines to a HUGE membership for many years. They source wines from around the world, and then share their great finds with their club members and their client's club members.

One thing that sets WSJwine apart from other wine clubs is their unprecedented buying power. You won't find any boutique, small-production, or even medium-production wines in these shipments. You will find many wines not offered by anyone else because WSJwine has bought up the entire production allotment. You will also find some wines that are available elsewhere, but not at these prices.

Unboxing experience for WSJwine
WSJwine shipment of wine with cardboard separators

Something that really stands out about WSJwine is their Introductory Offer program (sometimes referred to as a voucher). They discount your first shipment by more than 50%, and then on top of that they offer an additional free bonus gift. It's fairly obvious that this is a way to entice you to sign up and try their wines, but nonetheless, this does add extra value to the money you spend with them.

Important! This is an introductory offer and whichever free gift you choose (wine accessories or more wine), after the introductory shipment, you’ll receive a case of wine (12 bottles) every quarter for $149.99 + $19.99 shipping until you cancel. If you don't cancel before your next shipment is inbound, you either keep the next case or you are responsible for return shipping costs and a restocking fee.

Here is a rundown of their current introductory offers

All are priced $69.99 for the first shipment + $19.99 shipping

Special Offer #1 - The Free Gift

Get 12 wines plus a free five-piece corkscrew set worth $49.99 - Their usual selection of wine

WSJwine voucher offer for $69.99

Special Offer #2 - The Free Wine

Get 15 wines (three bonus wines instead of the corkscrew set) - Their usual selection of wine

WSJwine voucher offer for $69.99

Special Offer #3 - The Customer Favorites

A WineClubReviews.net Exclusive: Get 15 wines - Their Customers' Top Picks

WSJwine voucher offer for $69.99

Special Offer #4 - Premier Club

Ready to upgrade? Try the WSJwine premium wine subscription

WSJwine Premier voucher offer for $69.99

What makes the WSJwine Premium Club worth it? A better quality of wine is sold through this premium subscription. In the regular WSJwine subscription, nearly all of the wines are produced in very large quantities, frequently produced just for WSJwine's parent company. If you are a red wine drinker, you might prefer this Premium club at the higher price, and the introductory case is the same price, so you can "try before you buy."

WSJwine Wine Club Ratings

At WineClubReviews.net we take an objective approach to our star ratings system. Our written reviews are very much subjective, based on our 9+ years of wine club review experience and our own ideas about what good wine and good value mean. The star ratings are based on 11 attributes that we feel define what a wine club should be. Here is how WSJwine Wine Club stacks up on these traits.

Quality of Wine -

We've been drinking WSJwine (and other wine clubs serviced by its parent company) on a regular basis for 9 years now. We've never been particularly impressed with the quality of their wine. For a while the wines were getting better, but it seems to have plateaued with a recurring selection of popular varietals and regions that have broad appeal for the American wine drinker. There is now a better option for red wine drinkers with the addition of the Premier WSJwine Club to their line-up. These wines are of better quality and have a better mix of new world and old world wines.

Satisfaction Guarantee -

Box Inserts for WSJwine

Note: This rating is our objective analysis of WSJwine's satisfaction guarantee—not our assessment of whether or not you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with their wines.

A top-notch Satisfaction Guarantee policy earns top ratings here. Anything wrong, including you just didn't like it, they'll refund the bottle.

"How does your money-back guarantee work?
It’s simple. We want you to enjoy every bottle you buy from us. If you are not completely satisfied with any wine, for any reason, just let us know and you’ll be refunded in full."

Price of Wine -

It used to be that WSJwine (and it's sister clubs: Laithwaites and VirginWine) couldn't be beat on price. These days there are several wine clubs that are competitive in the sub $15 per bottle DELIVERED space. In wine clubs, as in the rest of life, you get what you pay for — if you don't normally buy wines at this price point, don't be shocked if you don't love what you get.

Discount Opportunities -

We look at three areas when evaluating the discount opportunities offered by a wine club. Is there an introductory offer to sweeten the deal? Are there discounts available for buying more of wines you loved in your shipments? Are there special discounts only available to members?

The Wall Street Journal Wine Club has one of the top introductory offers and we expecially they love that one of your premium options is the 3-bottle bonus selection.

WSJwine does not offer discounts on reorders but you do get access to members-only deals at their wine store.

Convenience -

This is an area where Wall Street Journal has made great strides over the years. You can now manage your account online, including vacation holds, and you'll get shipping notifications with tracking numbers when the wine goes out for delivery. Note: You still need to call during business hours to cancel your membership.

Customer Service Record -

WSJwine, does not have a good customer service record. Most of the complaints fall into two buckets. 1) People didn't understand they were signing up for an ongoing subscription when they ordered the introductory case for $69.99 — you are signing up for an ongoing membership and your credit card will automatically be charged on a quarterly basis until you cancel. 2) People did not cancel until AFTER they were told their next shipment has been prepared and billed, however the terms of service are quite clear regarding these issues:

"I will get a reminder before the above payment method is automatically charged – and will always have at least 10 days’ notice to skip, change or delay selections (online or by phone). I can also cancel my membership anytime by contacting customer service."

We chalk both of those sets of problems up to folks not reading the fine print or trying to get a too-good-to-be-true deal and ignoring the other details. What we can't ignore though is the number of people who complain about delayed or missing shipments, as well as shipments that are prepared and billed after actual cancellations. We see far fewer of these complaints than we used to, but they still come in.

Wine Education -

Educational Wine Cards for WSJwine

Like other older wine of the month clubs, WSJwine sends out a glossy color cards with each shipment of their wine club. It contains detailed tasting notes about each wine, the wineries they come from, the winemakers, and the wine region. They also include food pairing recipes and wine trivia in each issue.

Personalization -

A personalized wine club used to mean you picked the color of your wine and how often you received your shipments. For Wall Street Journal Wine, it still does, except you can't really change the frequency of shipments (you can skip shipments if you want).

Curation Process -

Curation is a black box at WSJwine, but we can see they have some constraints and some trade-secrets to protect. Given the volume that WSJwine is buying for, we think they're doing an good job picking wines that are likely to be crowd pleasers (popular varietals and wine regions).

Uniqueness of the Wine Club -

The Wall Street Journal Wine Club might not be unique anymore, but they are the club that started the exploding trend of buying wine by the case via a subscription plan.

Giftworthiness -

The WSJ Wine Club does not make a great gift unless you'll be awesome at remembering to cancel the subscription months later when you've spent what you wanted to spend. We'd really love to see them offer a pre-paid version of their wine club with gift packaging, too!

Jessyca Frederick
Wall Street Journal Wine

Things to know

Limited Time Special Offer
Get your first case for just $69.99. Choose from any of our 5 special cases for your first shipment. If you have a voucher code, we offer the same deal, and some of our offers are even better.

  • Shipping is extra
  • Exclusive Introductory Offer: Save $170 on 15 World Class Wines! First shipment contains three bonus bottles + the normal 12 for just $69.99. Future shipments are 12 bottles for $149.99+$19.99 shipping.

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Comment from Chris Niebergall at 2017-11-27 13:44:00
I just want to say that the whole experience of buying, tracking and receiving an order from WSJWINE has been appalling and customer service has been startlingly incompetent. E-mails from them do not match information gleaned from my calls to them. Will never use them again.


Comment from Camille Andrews at 2016-12-30 12:00:30
I would strongly recommend against subscribing to or ordering from this Company. I have tried three times to order from Company. First time, billed me three times and never shipped wine. This last time, promised shipment by Xmas to an important client and shipped only yesterday. Then, shipped to BILLING address not delivery address (despite Order properly showing proper delivery address). Customer service completely inept. Will put in dispute on card and order wine elsewhere. Reviews online are horrible for company. Please review online comments before wasting money.


Comment from David Elfring at 2016-12-22 13:48:08
I will say that the wine that I receive in NJ is quite good. I have always been satisfied and have made a few reorders. My major issue with wsjwine.com is shipping addresses. Their systems or people can't get it right. I changed my address for billing and shipping on their website and called to confirm. They say everything is updated. A month later they ship. It went to the address that I had prior. I have the documentation via email of when and who I talked with and all I get is "sorry". I really think they have a management problem that has not recognized some issues either with C/S or systems to deal with distributors. Or maybe it is the distributors systems that don't get the information. What ever it is, wsjwine.com has created a problem for me!

If you have one address that you want to have the wine delivered to and you are in NJ I recommend the wine for the price. No need to go to a shop to pick something out.


Comment from C R at 2016-02-12 19:17:29
I do not recommend this club.
First, the quality of their wine is far from great. They promote average wines. Their ratings is totally wrong.
Second, their customer service is incompetent. I tried to return a package that was ordered by mistake and their don't even understand how FedEx works. On the phone, their told me to drop the package at the fedex location. but then, when i got there FedEx did not want to take the package back. I called WSJWine and there were not aware of this. Such a waste of time.


Comment from Mary Grace Weir at 2015-12-21 09:27:00

Hi I want everyone to hear our bad experience with WSJ Wine Club. We ordered the INTRO case from an American Express promotion FOUR WEEKS AGO! We were hoping to have the case for Christmas. But, they took our GREAT PRICE payment and then we got NOTHING, except an emailed shipping ticket, that had a bogus shipping number that Fed Ex did not recognize. When we try to call and find out where our case of wine is, NO ONE KNOWS OR GIVES A CRAP! The customer service people THREE of them, said they would find out and call us back. And then left us alone waiting for call backs that never came. Then, the CS "supervisor" was not only NAMELESS (he would not give us his last name) , he was also clueless as well as was uncaring and un willing to lift a finger to find out where our case is after FOUR WEEKS! When this happened, we knew we had been scammed. It is not really a customer service dept, but just a facade...so people THINK they are going to be served, but really all they get is screwed! I really hope that you will post this so that other people wont get ripped off like we did! Do NOT give this "club" any of your hard earned money!


Comment from Beena Vora at 2015-11-28 11:34:24
I got a promo code as a part of Christmas gift. So I tried to place order. I live in KY, so they could not ship to KY according to local laws. Hence I tried shipping it to IN, to my sister's house. IN was on their list. Well, I could not ship there either. Upon calling them I was told, it could not be shipped to IN at all. At the bottom of the link mentiones all the wine orders are accepted through Cap N Cork in Fort Wayne IN. I called them. The gentleman informed me that it is a home brewing company. He receives several calls like this. He has tried several times to get his business name removed without success. After reading some horror stories on this discussion panel, I am glad my order didn't go through. I agree with another writer, why would Wall Street Journal want to associate their name with this company.


Comment from Andrew Durket at 2014-08-26 15:30:18
I have had the quarterly service for 2 years and the only problem I had up until recently was that the quarterly shipment would ship within a 2 or 3 week period and one could never be quite certain until it actually shipped when they were coming in.

This all changed today. In May we moved and a shipment was accidentally shipped to the wrong address. I am willing to give everyone a break once. After this experience I went online and removed my old address from even being listed, so it didn't appear at all as far as I could see, and set the default address to my new address. After dealing with FEDEX to return wine to sender, for which I was reimbursed, support told me to fix it on the website, like so above. Well, last week the next quarterly shipment went to the old address AGAIN. I don't know how they did it, but they did. I called upset now because this is the second time. I got it taken care of and then sent an additional email just to hit home about my experience and how I was considering cancelling my subscription because of how poorly they had performed lately. They then canceled my account for me, which I wasn't sure about, but I am now, and told me, and I quote:

I have asked our carriers to make an attempt to intercept your delivery and return the case to us as soon as possible. Please note that there is no guarantee this will be successful.

So, if the wine is somehow not returned to sender, although THEY sent it to the wrong address, I am liable? By the way, what about their money back guarantee? Does that no longer apply to me because I am unhappy?


Comment from Bruce Mackey at 2014-04-05 06:09:59
Customer service is so incompetent as to be non-existent.

I received the "introductory offer" as a Christmas gift. I followed up after the first of the year and placed the order. I was told it would arrive within 12 days. It didn't. Called. Same story. Finally a guy called and said he would be there "Monday" so I stayed home to sign. He never arrived. Two days later, I called and cancelled, asking for the gift money instead. I was told a check would arrive in 7-10 days. It didn't. Nor did it arrive the next THREE more times I called. The last time, a manager had called, and asked for two weeks to get the check to arrive. It didn't. Now she hasn't returned my calls in 2 days. BUT, they sent an email to say they shipped the wine. I didn't ask for that! I don't want the wine. I've got such a bad taste in my mouth, their wine won't taste good so matter what! Reading these reviews, apparently I'm not the only one to have problems with these people. It's hard to understand why the Wall Street Journal would lend their good name to them. They must be getting lots of money from Direct Wines International, the outfit that actually runs the club.


Comment from Frank Huband at 2014-01-28 16:38:13
My experience with WSJWine has been horrific.

In June of 2013 I placed an order for 12 bottles of a 2003 wine for delivery in September, and paid a $40 ?holding fee? to assure that I would receive the order. In late November, I noticed I had not received the order, and talked to a WSJWine customer Services representative. She said she would check, and the next day sent me a message that said, in part:

?This is just a quick note to inform you that the presale Chateau Ramage La Batisse case will be ready to ship in early December. Your case will contain twelve bottles. Once the case has been prepared we will contact you for the balance of $199.88 plus $19.99 shipping and applicable tax.?

During late December and early January, I called several times to ask where the wine I had ordered was, and I was assured that it would be delivered soon.

In January, I received 6 bottles of a 2011 wine I had not ordered. When I called, I was told they had no idea why I had gotten it, but would send me a mailing label to return it.

Checking my credit card charges, I discovered that they had charged me almost $140 for the wine I had not ordered, and $480.93, more than twice the amount authorized, for the wine I had not been sent. And I have not gotten a return label for the wine I did not order.

Many more calls followed. Each time I called, I had to start the discussion from scratch. No references to my previous calls and concerns were kept in my customer file.

They now say they have no 12 case bottles of my wine, only 6 bottle cases. When I suggest that they could just send 2 6 bottle cases, they said that they would not do that. I told them to cancel the order.

I still have not gotten the fedex label, and both charges are still on my credit card.

So the message is, if things go wrong, even if it is totally their fault, you will not get either sympathy or compensation from WSJWine.

Buyer beware.

And I have called Amex, told them my story and asked them to reverse the charges.

Frank Huband


Comment from Sonja Novotny at 2012-01-16 20:03:56
I agree with the previous feedback regarding WSJwine.com. They did not quote an excessive shipping fee prior to my order and I was shocked at the actual price. When I called to point out this mistake not only did they refuse to credit my account but they seemed not to care at all! This resulted in my cancelling of the membership and asking them to not contact me again via phone, mail or email. He actually had the gall to ask me if I had proof that the shipping fee was not quoted. They took advantage of my trust and most certainly have lost it.


Response from WineClubReviews at 2012-01-16 21:23:12
To help us watch out for others, please tell us how much was your shipping fee and which state were you shipping to?


Comment from Samantha Addonizio at 2010-12-29 13:01:14
WSJwine.com is UNRELIABLE...gifts do NOT arrive and TERRIBLE customer service on top of that. Do NOT order from WSJwine.com. I ordered on December 8 for a gift for friends that have been very good to me and very generous to our children. I ordered 2 bottles of champagne for delivery by Christmas. I was so very happy to have found this way to send them some good cheer. I received an order summary from WSJwine.com with the following information:

Thank you for ordering from WSJwine. In accordance with California state law, Lionstone Sonoma, a licensed California retailer, will accept, process, and ship your order for WSJwine. Thank you for being a valued customer. If you have any questions regarding your order, simply contact customer service by phone at (877) 975- 9463 or via email at [email protected]

I also received an order number and a timestamp that the order summary was received on December 8, 2010 at 3:49:48pm. Since the information in my order summary indicated that my order will be processed by a CA merchant, there seemed nothing more to be done.

On December 29, 2010, I finally got in touch with my good friend. As we exchanged well wishes, I asked them how they enjoyed their champagne. There was an awkward silence. My friend then said, what do you mean? I was SO embarassed. I asked if she received the gift I sent and she had not. I apologized, hurried off the phone and told her I would call her right back.

I call the number in my Order Summary email. I spoke with Sherry. Sherry told me that my order was cancelled. There was no indication why. She could only have a supervisor call me back in approximately 24 hours. I asked if WJS would re-place the order with a rush so delivery could be made by December 31, 2010 so my friends could enjoy for New Years at least. She said that they are not allowed by law to expdite alcohol orders. (I think that is flase since I have ordered items from other basket vendors that included beer or wine and there was an option to FedEx). She told me that nothiing more could be done. I asked to speak to a supervisor right away. After keeping me on hold for 10 minutes she came back on and told me that a supervisor could not speak with me now. I was so angry I told her I expected a call within 24 hours and I would pass along how WSJwine.com treated me.


Wall Street Journal Wine

WSJwine Wine Club