WineExpress (Wine Enthusiast)

WineExpress (Wine Enthusiast) Review

WineExpress (Wine Enthusiast)

Best of Both Worlds Wine Club

If you drink at least one bottle of wine each week, and you like high-quality wines, AND you like both red wine and white wine (boy, that’s a lot of “and”s!), we think you’ll love this wine club. Each month you receive six bottles (that’s the current month’s three red wines from the Rich Reds Wine Club and the month’s three white wines from the Winning Whites Wine Club) for just $89.95 (plus tax and shipping, of course) which is a 10% savings over the price of the other two wine clubs.

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Connoisseur's Choice Wine Club

When choosing a premium wine club, we recommend looking at the types of wines the wine club specializes in to help you choose. Some of the premium wine clubs represent a single step up from value wine clubs, and others are truly premium offerings for real collectors and connoisseurs. We think this club falls more into the category of upgraded value wine club than collector-oriented. But you could probably tell that by the price. You’ll definitely enjoy these wines, and you’re not paying premium prices for them so if you’re ready for the next level in wine drinking, give this one a whirl.

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Italian Stallions Wine Club

There are more varietals of Italian grapes than any other country or wine-making area around the world. You can spend your entire life learning about Italian wine and probably not know half of what there is to know. For Italian wine lovers this is part of the thrill! Also a thrill is this very rare Italian wine club... if you or someone you’re shopping for loves Italian wine, this wine club is the only way to go.

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Rich Reds Wine Club

Most wine clubs offer a red-wine only option, some wine clubs offer red wine clubs that only offer red wines to focus on better-quality red wines because there is a perception in the wine club industry that people prefer red wine to white wine. While we appreciate a good white wine as much as a good red wine, we understand that you may not. This red wine club offers you great value on three bottles a month to satisfy your red wine love affair.

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Winning Whites Wine Club

So many people prefer red wine to white wine that those of us who love white wine, too, just scratch our heads. What we know (that those silly red-wine-only drinkers don’t) is that good white wine is usually cheaper, more friendly to lighter fare, and more refreshing than red wine. Fortunately, WineExpress understands our palate and preferences and picks out nuanced white wines for an excellent value. Just pop ‘em in the fridge and enjoy!

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California Classics & More Review

California wine clubs are not uncommon these days, and access to great California wines is the reason. This California Classics wine club is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to top wineries and wines from around California.

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A White Wine Sampler for Those Who Don't Love Chardonnay

A White Wine Sampler for Those Who Don't Love Chardonnay

Discover a new world of white wines beyond Chardonnay that offer spectacularly clean flavors, distinct character AND tremendous value. Sampler includes 6 (750ml)bottles of crisp, refreshing and thirst-quenching white wines from around the world, and not o