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Italian Wine Club Review

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Italian Wine Club Review

We received this shipment from the Roscioli Italian Wine Club in November, 2019.

What is Roscioli?

First and foremost, Roscioli (pronounced Row-show-lee) is an Italian institution. Located in Rome, they are renowned for their bakery (the oldest continuously operating bakery in the center of Rome), their salumeria (meats, pastas, and condiments), and their wine-focused restaurant (called Rimessa) where they offer 8-course educational wine pairings over dinner — Trip Advisor's #2 wine bar in Rome and #5 spot for nightlife.

Roscioli started a wine club to bring their love of Italian family wineries to wine lovers around the world who can’t get to Rome. From what we’ve seen, they’re doing this in the most authentic way imaginable.

For You Get 25€ (roughly $30) off your first payment when you join Roscioli Wine Club. Use code WCR25 at checkout.

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