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Is wine a great gift for Mom?

Hell, yes! Assuming she likes wine, of course. Wine often feels like an indulgence (or an expensive necessity) and those are prime gift territories. Give her what she already loves or help her discover new favorites.

Don’t forget, Mother’s Day in 2022 is Sunday, May 8 and you should order by Wednesday, April 27 to ensure it arrives on time.

If you’re seeing this, you’ve waited too long to be sure your gift will arrive on time. You can still order now but instead of the wine arriving for Mother’s Day, you announce/present your gift differently, or even choose an online gift card instead of a prepaid subscription.

In case you weren’t planning to give a wine subscription gift, or maybe it’s outside your budget, I picked out a bunch of other wine gifts perfect for Mom.

Tips for Buying a Wine Club Gift for Mom

If you’re looking to say, “I love you, Mom!” with wine, I’ve got you covered. These wine subscriptions are all perfect for giving to Mom, whether’s it’s for Mother’s Day, her Birthday, or any other special occasion. Bonus: I’ve tried wine from all of the wine clubs on this list and my recommendations are based on first-hand experience.

Select a state. Don’t forget to select the state she lives in before you shop. Not all wine clubs can ship to all states and it would be a bummer to get all the way to checkout before you figure that out.

21+ Signature Required for Deliveries. Because the gift is alcohol, someone at least 21 years old will need to sign for the packages when they arrive. If Mom has a busy schedule she can redirect packages to a nearby FedEx or UPS Pick-up Location or you can send her gifts to work (if that is allowed). Learn more about local wine delivery peculiarities and workarounds.

Pick an attitude. Clubs on this list fall, generally, into these buckets: “traditional,” “fun,” and “better for you.” If your Mom likes a particular kind of wine, please shop my selection of Niche Wine Club Gifts. If your Mom is into primo wine, definitely check my Best High-End Wine Clubs list. If you’re not sure, drop me a note and I’ll help you choose.

Keep your budget in mind. Most two-bottle wine clubs will cost $150-180 for three months once you factor in deals, shipping costs, and sales tax.

Ongoing vs prepaid. Most wine gift subscriptions are prepaid — you choose how many shipments to send and then you pay for all of them up front. There are some really cool subscriptions out there that don’t offer “prepaid” gifts and therefore make giving them a hassle. I left them off this list of gifts, but you can always choose one of them anyway.

Personalized vs Curated. While a personalized wine club might be a great fit for your Mom, they start with an electronic gift card and your Mom then has to set everything up herself. Because I assume you want to make things easier for your Mom for a change, I left them off this list.

FYI: I find great wine deals so you don’t have to. To keep me on the hunt, I earn a commission when you buy wine based on my recommendations.

This list was last updated on November 3, 2022

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The Wine I Tried from These Wine Clubs

I receive multiple deliveries from most of the wine clubs I review

#1 California Premier Club

Why it’s #1 | Full Review

California Premier Club

#2 International Premier Club

Why it’s #2 | Full Review

International Premier Club

#3 SomMailier Wine Club

Why it’s #3 | Full Review

SomMailier Wine Club

#4 Martha Stewart Wine

Why it’s #4 | Full Review

Martha Stewart Wine

#5 Organic Wine Club

Why it’s #5 | Full Review

Organic Wine Club

Why They’re On This List

1. California Premier Club

by The California Wine Club

Good satisfaction guarantee

Good wine club gift

#1 Best Gifts / #4 Best Wine Clubs / #4 Best White

California Premier Club

The gold standard two-bottle wine club gift featuring high-quality wine from California’s best small family wineries. In terms of the competition, they are best-in-class for gift presentation, value, and customer service. I always recommend this wine club first for gifts.

About the Wine

The California Wine Club prides itself on only working with small family wineries. Why? Because they generally work the hardest, their land and grapevines are their pride and joy, and they’re free to produce varieties and blends worth drinking — in other words, they make wine that is approachable and interesting.

Giving a Gift?

In addition to handcrafted wines, gift subscriptions include: Uncorked® guide to each featured winery; a $25 Wine Credit; and a VIP Winery Tour and Tasting invitation.

All gifts, from 1-12 shipments, include a personalized note at no extra charge. Gifts are available monthly, every other month, or quarterly.

Ways to Save

Give more shipments. Save on each shipment when you upgrade to 3-, 6-, or 12-shipment gifts.

Save 10% on your whole gift order with code YES10. Discount does not apply to shipping costs.

Ways to Upgrade

Wooden Crate. Give a gift of at least three months and use code CRATE to have the first shipment presented in a wooden crate (pictured). Good for any club level.

Bonus Bubbly. Gift a gift of three months or longer and Mom will get a bonus bottle of sparkling wine in her first shipment. Good only for Premier Series.

Upgrade to Gift+ (pictured) to give Mom something before the first shipment of wine arrives. Will ship 2 business days after you order via US Priority Mail. $19 additional, available on all club levels.

Shop wine club gifts

Last minute? You can customize a letter to print or email to your Mom so she has something to open on Mother’s Day.

Good to Know

Chock full of benefits, a membership at The California Wine Club has a lot to offer. They offer "Love It" Guarantee will replace any bottle the customer doesn’t love, provide a personal wine consultant, and produce the full-color magazine highlight the wines in each shipment. Coupled with even more benefits, this the best value wine club in its class.

Want to indulge her even more? The California Wine Club offers two premium wine clubs, a Pacific Northwest club, and an International Club, too.

California Premier Club

2. International Premier Club

by International Wine of the Month Club

Good satisfaction guarantee

Good wine club gift

#5 Best White / #8 Best Wine Clubs / #8 Best International

International Premier Club

For Gifts Save $10 when you give a 4-month wine club gift. Use code SAVE10 at checkout.

For Gifts Save $15 when you give a 6-month wine club gift. Use code SAVE15 at checkout.

For Gifts Save $30 when you give a year of wine gift. Use code SAVE30 at checkout.

If your Mom loves more than just California wine, I recommend taking a good look at the wine clubs from the International Wine of the Month Club. Another of the old guard clubs who just get everything right when it comes to giving wine, I’m generally surprised by the quality and value offered by this under-the-radar wine subscription.

About the Wine

Where the first two clubs on this list focus on California wine, this one has a global perspective. Sometimes California wines are included, but recently featured wines include a 2019 Côtes du Rhône red blend, a South African Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon blend, a Chilean Pinot Noir, and a Greek Vidiano (white). They really go out of their way to source wine most Americans will find unusual, but only from reliable producers respected for quality.

Giving a Gift?

All gifts, from 2-12 shipments, include a personalized note at no extra charge. Gifts are available monthly, every other month, or quarterly. Bottles in the first shipment come wrapped in reusable organza wine bags.

A unique feature of this wine club gift is the ability to pay as you go. You can plan to give a gift of 2+ months and only pay when the wine ships each month. They do not offer one-time gifts.

If you want it to start sometime other than "immediately," you can choose a month for shipments to begin. In case Mom is traveling in May and won’t be home to receive a wine shipment.

Ways to Save

Give more. Modest discounts are available for higher volume purchases, specifically more shipments. For 4+, 6+, and 12-shipment gifts you can use the discount codes SAVE10, SAVE15, and SAVE30 respectively.

Ways to Upgrade

Higher-end Clubs. International Wine of the Month Club has an array of clubs you can upgrade to: the Collectors series is their most premium, the Masters series is a mix of the Premier and Collectors series, and for specialists, they offer a Bold Reds series.

You can Design Your Own Club by combining any and all of their other club options into a custom subscription gift with their somewhat-easy-to-use online tool. Click the Good To Know tab to learn more.

Shop wine club gifts

Last minute? You can customize a letter to print or email to your Mom so she has something to open on Mother’s Day.

Good to Know

The International Wine of the Month Club is one part of the Monthly Clubs line-up. In addition to four different wine clubs, they also offer a bunch of other high-end monthly clubs. These include: several subscriptions for beer, two cheese subscriptions, two chocolate subscriptions, a floral bouquet subscription, and two hand-rolled cigar subscriptions.

You can Design Your Own Club by combining any and all of these into a custom subscription gift with their somewhat-easy-to-use online tool.

International Premier Club

3. SomMailier Wine Club

by SomMailier

Good wine club gift

#3 Best International / #5 Best Quarterly / #6 Best Wine Clubs

SomMailier Wine Club

SomMailier exclusively offers boutique French wine, imported just for this club. Founder and CEO Laurent Yung is a 5th generation member of the Yung wine family from Bordeaux. My own experience with the wines from SomMailier is that they are little treasures, distinct from widely available French wines I’ve tried.

About the Wine

I have had the pleasure of trying many wines from SomMailier, and even though I don’t always love red French wine, I found each interesting and distinctive. Some highlights include: his very popular Le Fleur des Pins white Bordeaux blend from Graves, a 2016 Cab-dominant red blend from Graves in Bordeaux, a Chardonnay from Arbois in Jura, a traditional red Rhône blend from Lirac, and a Corsican Vermentino.

Giving a Gift?

Choose three, six, or twelve bottle shipments delivered quarterly. Gifts include detailed cards about the wines and a fun gift box.

SomMailier comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and an exclusive wine tour of Laurent’s family’s wineries in Bordeaux if Mom is heading that way.

Ways to Save

Give more. Modest discounts are available for higher volume purchases, both more shipments and more bottles per shipment. The club is available as a 6-bottle gift (called Rendezvous) or a 12-bottle gift (called Et Voila), in addition to the most affordable 3-bottle gift (called C’est La Vie).

Save 5%. As I mentioned under the Good To Know tab, Laurent runs on narrow margins. This 5% discount with code EXTRA5 is the most he can offer for gift subscriptions.

Shop wine club gifts

Good to Know

The wine is kind of expensive (around $37 a bottle for the three-bottle subscription, plus shipping), and not because the prices have been artificially inflated by too much demand. Between the French wine tariffs from 2020-2021 and more recent overseas shipping nightmares and inflationary pressures, Laurent’s costs have gone up. He runs on a narrow profit margin, keeping the costs as low as he can, because he believes Americans need to taste this exceptional French wines from small producers that otherwise wouldn’t get their wines to the US.

SomMailier Wine Club

4. Martha Stewart Wine

by Martha Stewart Wine Company

Good wine club gift

Martha Stewart Wine

The Martha Stewart Wine Club is no longer available.

Falling squarely into the "fun" portion of this wine club gift list for Mom is the Martha Stewart Wine Club. Why fun and not traditional? Well, for starters, these are not "serious" wines... they are generally light and easy drinking, but not especially sophisticated or special. The fun part is that Mom will know with every sip that Martha picked out these wines herself (it’s true!). Oh, and the unboxing experience is very Martha.

About the Wine

The wines for Martha Stewart’s wine club come from a company called, also responsible for Wine Insiders and Macy’s Wine Shop. Among their clubs I like Wine Insiders best, but Martha is a close second. I find the Wine Insiders wines are more interesting and diverse, whereas the Martha collection truly does reflect her preferences — the wines are easy-drinking, sometimes on the sweet side, and relatively uninspired. I received a selection of mostly Italian and French wines, with a couple of California wines. If Mom is really into red wine, I would take a pass on this club.

Giving a Gift?

There are three ways to give a Martha Stewart wine club gift. You can use the regular sign-up process for the 12-bottle club and tell them it’s a gift or you can order a 6-bottle Year of Wine gift of either three shipments or four.

12-bottle Gifts: The page where you sign up is just like a non-gift wine club, but you have the ability to specify the subscription is a gift. That means you pay as you go instead of all up front. This is delivered quarterly and costs $159.98 plus tax. In addition to the quarterly shipments there are also an extra winter shipment and an extra summer shipment. You can cancel any time.

6-bottle Gifts: If you give a six-bottle "year of wine" gift, you’ll choose either three shipments or four and prepay for all the shipments at once. You get a little bit of a discount for ordering four shipments (~$280 total, plus tax) vs three ($225 total, plus tax).

Ways to Save

Opt for the 12-bottle gift. In addition to a steep discount on the first shipment (you pay just $89.88 plus tax), Mom will also get a free lever-pull corkscrew set ($60 value) in the second shipment.

Good to Know

One of my favorite features of the wine clubs is that you can specify an alternative delivery source when you sign up, so if you know Mom isn’t around much, you can pick a FedEx location nearby (the site helps you choose the one nearest to her home).

Martha Stewart Wine

5. Organic Wine Club

by Organic Wine Exchange

Good wine club gift

#6 Best California / #9 Best White / #11 Best Quarterly

Organic Wine Club

For You Get 10% off the first three shipments when you join an Organic Wine Exchange club. Use code WC10X3 at checkout.

If your Mom goes out of her way to eat organic produce and meats, she should consider drinking organic wine, too. It’s hard to find at most regular stores, and even most online stores, so a trusted organic-only provider like Organic Wine Exchange is the preferred way to shop for organic wine.

This is one of my "better for you" selections. Organic and biodynamic are terms that refer to farming practices and don’t have any scientifically-proven health benefits. Also, studies increasingly tell us no amount of alcohol is "okay." That said, most of us who like wine aren’t going to give it up, but we would like to do better by ourselves and by the planet.

About the Wine

Organic Wine Exchange carries a range of affordable organic wines from around the world. Broad strokes categories include red, white, rosé, sparkling, and sweet wines (a small selection). The inventory reflects the parts of the world where organic wine is a priority — primarily Italy, Spain, France, and California (especially Mendocino).

Giving a Gift?

There are two ways to give an Organic Wine Exchange gift.

Organic Wine Club Gifts: You can give a prepaid wine club subscription of 3, 6, or 12 bottles and have it delivered monthly or quarterly. You can choose red wine, white wine, or a mix — or you can customize it to special region, just rosé and bubbles, whatever you like, in the Special Requests field. Shipping is free.

Electronic Gift Cards: If you’re not sure what kind of wine Mom would like to receive you can order a gift card for her to spend however she wants.

Ways to Save

10% off Coupon. You can save 10% on gift subscriptions with coupon code WC10X3 at checkout.

Upgrade to more bottles. 6-bottle memberships are discounted 15% and 12-bottle memberships are discounted 20% from the 3-bottle prices. These discounts are stackable with the 10% off coupon!

Good to Know

While every single wine at Organic Wine Exchange is indeed made with organic grapes, they also offer several additional subscription options — all of which can be customized to suit your preferences — including biodynamic, no-sulfites added, and a vegan wine club.

Organic Wine Club

Women in the Wine Club World

Since you’re here shopping for Mother’s Day, let me take a moment to recognize the terrific woman-owned, woman-led wine clubs here at It’s worth a quick read, especially if it helps you find a wine club you are happy to join and support the sisterhood. Raise a glass to these hardworking women and their children this Mother’s Day!

The California Wine Club by Gerri-Lynn Becker

My #1 recommendation for wine club gifts is always The California Wine Club. With Gerri-Lynn Becker at the helm, this company continues to support small family wineries mostly in California, but also in Oregon, Washington, and overseas. A great deal of these wineries are also are women-led, so she is paying it forward. Read my reviews or shop The California Wine Club

Plonk Wine Club by Etty Klein

A staple in the quality wine club world, Plonk features (relatively) affordable and high-quality wines that are primarily organic or natural. Etty’s palate has long been recognized as superb (a Wine & Spirits Magazine 30 Under 30 and Wine Enthusiast 40 Under 40 Tastemaker), but to beef up her WSET credentials she’s now a Certified Sommelier. Etty’s a mom now, too, still kicking ass in online sales of expertly curated wine. Read my review or shop Plonk Wine Club

Organic Wine Exchange by Annie Arnold

Highlighted above in this list of great wine clubs for Mom is Organic Wine Exchange, founded by Annie Arnold, a mom herself. Annie started the Organic Wine Exchange in order to bring better, more environmentally-conscious, and healthier wines to more consumers. In addition to offering a wine club, Annie is a wine wholesaler helping restaurants in Southern California source organic wine for their clientele. Read my review or shop Organic Wine Exchange

Rimessa Roscioli Wine Club by Lindsay Gabbard

Now here’s an interesting story. Lindsay Gabbard, born and raised in Michigan, fell in love with wine while studying abroad. Somewhere between Level 1 and Level 2 of the Court of Master Sommeliers, she realized that it wasn’t the way she wanted to learn about wine. After traveling around a bit, a sommelier at a wine bar suggested she check out the wine tastings at Rimessa Roscioli. She discovered a different way of looking at wine that changed her whole perspective — and she met a geat love, Alessandro. And now she runs one of the most interesting wine clubs I’ve ever reviewed. It features only small-production, special Italian wine (they are based in Roma) that would not normally get imported into the US. Read my review or shop Roscioli Wine Clubs

MYSA Natural Wine Store & Club by Holly Berrigan

A pair of natural wine lovers (Holly co-founded MYSA with Nic Jansson) teamed up to source, sell, and write about their favorite natural wines from all over the world. Holly, the sommelier side of the business, works tirelessly to put together great video content to support her curated wine club. Read my review or shop MYSA Wine Club Gifts

Wildcrafted Wines by Laura Madonna

Wine-loving couple Laura Madonna and Terry Pilch spent years bopping around Napa & Sonoma wine country, making friends and building connections before they decided to start Wildcrafted Wines (it as called Travelfood in those days). Working with all-start women winemakers like Celia Welch, Jacqueline Yoakum, and and Rebekah Wineburg means you get a twofer for lifting women in the wine world when you join one of their wine clubs. Read my review or shop Wildcrafted Wine Clubs

The Sip by Erica Davis and Catherine Carter

A brand new (to me) wine club, my review is complete by not yet uploaded (spoiler alert: this is a great gift). The Sip was founded by these two hardworking women (and moms) so that women everywhere could feel comfortable drinking what they like instead of what they were told they should. Their wine subscription featuring splits (single-serving) Champagne and sparkling wine from around the world is fun and informal, and a great way to unwind when you don’t want to crack open a big bottle. Shop The Sip

Pour Me Wines by Genna Tatom

A registered nurse and mom burned out by the lack of work-life balance which comes with that field decided to turn her passion into a wine business. This wine club is brand new, but I rather enjoyed the discoveries in my first shipment (three red wines and three sparkling wines). One thing I’m especially impressed with is that this industry outsider has managed to source such interesting wines. My full review is complete but not yet published. Shop Pour Me Wines

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Are wine clubs a good deal?

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