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How it Works

For Wine Club Managers

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Winery Wine Clubs

Because our reviews system focuses on retail wine clubs, we’ve created a special place for wineries on our site.

Rather than enforce a sales-based relationship on these wine clubs, we have created a directory.

For $100 per year, you can have your wine club included in our Winery Wine Club Directory as a text-based listing.

Save 20% on your subscription if you link to us from the footer of your website's home page.

To sign up, register for an account and check the box that indicates you work for a winery. Your account will automatically be created and you can fund it at your convenience.

Interested in display advertising opportunities within our Winery Wine Club Directory?

Do you rep more than one wine club? We'll offer you discounts exclusively for your wineries and throw in a bonus for you, too!

Get in touch with us!.

Why Sign Up

Your conversion rates matter to us!

When you choose where to spend your marketing dollars, we know you’re looking at your conversion rates and measuring return on investment, so we do everything we can to make your conversion rates higher. We only buy high-quality traffic—customers who are researching or buying. We actively work against “accidental traffic.”

We provide as much of your information as we can on our site so there’s no need for potential customers to click through until they’re ready to buy or give your brand a close inspection. We allow potential customers to filter by “Ship To State” so they only are shopping for clubs that they could realistically purchase.

We provide you with opportunities to increase exposure and traffic

We have several new opportunities to attract new customers on our site.

  • Our favorite wine clubs appear on various “Top 5” lists aimed at shoppers who don’t want to do a lot of work to find a wine club.
  • You can upgrade to a Featured Listing which has extra visual pop and by default Featured Listings are at the top of our directory pages.
  • You can upgrade to include your company’s logo on your listings to draw extra visual attention to your wine clubs.
  • We’ve created many wine club categories so that unique or unusual wine clubs can catch the attention of the right customers.
  • We’re willing to work with you to craft custom solutions to increase your visibility on our site.

Two Ways to Work With Us

1. Only pay when our visitors purchase something from you

We think the best way to work with wine clubs is via an Affiliate Program (whether it’s a third-party network or your own affiliate solution). This puts the onus on us to convert browsers into buyers. We participate in the following Affiliate Program networks:

2. Pay for unique leads to your site

Affiliate programs aren’t for everyone and require a lot of work to get them up and running. For immediate satisfaction with much less overhead, we recommend our new Pay-Per-Click program. We’ve custom built a solution to ensure you get the most traffic and that you only pay for qualified leads.

Here’s how we’re better than Google Adwords (and similar programs):

Our conversion rate averaged over 8% in 2011
Yes, you read that right, more than 8% of our site visitors purchase a wine club that day. We don’t know what your conversion rate is, but we’re willing to bet it’s not as high as ours. We’ve heard from our partners that their Google Adwords conversion rates are at best 4-5% outside of the holiday season.

You only pay for one click per 24 hours per user per wine club you offer
Example: Mary comes to WineClubReviews.net and looks at six wine clubs (including two of yours). She clicks through to the wine clubs several times each as she decides which one is the right one for her. You only pay for 2 clicks for Mary that day: 1 for each wine club she looked at.
Google Adwords charges you every time Mary clicks through to your site.

You only pay for clicks that land at your site
How does that work? We ask that you install a Landing Page Pixel on your site, at the very bottom of your HTML code (where your analytics code goes). When our pixel loads on your page, it notifies us that the user has arrived at your site and we validate the click. If the pixel never notifies us that the user arrived, you don’t pay for the click.
Google Adwords charges you for a click whether or not the user ever gets to your site or waits for your page to load.

We don’t count clicks that are created by bots
We monitor for activity that can’t be created by a human being and if we encounter it, we automatically invalidate any clicks created by that session.

We check for known bots when the session starts and if we detect one, we don’t count the clicks it generates.

How it Works

Ready to get your wine clubs on WineClubReviews.net? Great! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Submit a request on the Contact Us page telling us about your wine club(s) and whether or not you have an affiliate program. Based on this request, we’ll send you some more information about our system for you to review before you commit to trying our service.
    • If have an Affiliate Program, please tell us about your affiliate program so we can go sign up for it.
    • If you’re interested in the Pay-Per-Click Program, we’ll set up an account on our site for you to log in and manage your payments, reporting, and upgrades. We ask for a $100 non-refundable deposit to review your wine club(s). Once your wine clubs are live on the site, we’ll start debiting clicks against the $100. In effect, your deposit will be used to drive traffic to your wine club.
  2. We’ll give you a call or send you an email asking for artwork for the site, and we’ll review your wine club(s). As we review your wine club(s) we may reach out to you if we have additional questions.
  3. Your wine club(s) is/are published on our site. This usually happens within 2-5 business days.