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Red Wine Gift Baskets for Gifts: 17 Handpicked Gifts for Red Wine Baskets Lovers

The Best Red Wine Gift Baskets Delivered to in 2023

Red wine gift baskets come in a huge variety of sizes. Some include just one bottle, but we find them with up to four bottles for a luxury-grade gift. You’ll find red wine baskets with inexpensive wines like “California Zinfandel” and pricey wines like Silver Oak Napa Cabernet — sometimes they’re even paired with Champagne.

Just like the variety of red wine available in these gift baskets, there is a huge variety of gourmet food available in these gifts. Savory snacks and sweet treats are most common, but cheeses and meats get included, too. Shop this page for the perfect red wine basket for your wine lover.

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Wine Gift Basket Ideas

Wine Gift Baskets All Wine Baskets
Luxurious Fine Wine Gift Baskets Luxury (Over $250)
Champagne Gift Basket Champagne
Wine & Cheese Basket Gift Wine & Cheese
Red Wine & Chocolate Gift Basket Wine & Chocolate