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Updated: May 3, 2018

Our website has become known as a go-to source for wine of the month club reviews. That’s awesome and we’re thrilled. Unfortunately we haven’t actually reviewed ALL of the wine clubs and you may have found yourself here after searching for one of them at your favorite search engine.

To help you out, we’ve gone ahead provided a short, professional opinion about these wine clubs in lieu of a review, which for these clubs is coming soon. These are summaries discussing the high-level pros and cons of joining or giving each of these wine clubs. Our judgements are based on the companies' marketing materials and their websites, other editorial and reviews around the web, and our many years of experience reviewing wine clubs.

The Wine Club Pre-Reviews

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Revel Wine Club

Revel Wine Club is a newer entrant to the market, but the company that created it has been around for almost 20 years. This is relevant because the winery portfolio of the parent company, WX Brands, is how the Revel Wine Club keeps its prices low and its quality high. They produce most of their own wine, sometimes including a one-time bottling of great wine they come across. They've acquired existing wineries like Chronic Cellars in Paso Robles and Jamieson Ranch in Napa to help round out their existing winery production which spans 10 winemakers around the world, doing what they do best in each region. Revel Wine Club is competitively priced with wine clubs like Winc but set up more like a traditional wine club where you don't pick your own wines. Shipping is included for club memberships of 6 bottles or more. Choose White, Red, Mixed, monthly, every other month, and quarterly. We look forward to receiving our first shipments soon. We might get paid if you join after clicking our links.

Vine Oh Wine Club

VineOh! is a different kind of wine club — they've combined traditional wine clubs with the "random stuff in a box" subscription model to create their own hybrid. Each shipment contains two bottles of wine and a selection of items of varying degrees of utility or relatedness to wine. Now, for a woman who loves the excitement of digging through a box of goodies, and would love to drink wine while doing it, this may be the perfect wine club gift. Sadly, given the selection of goodies, this gift is only suitable for women — the video on their home page shows items that very few men would want to use. That video also completely fails to discuss the wine at all so... we don't know what you'll get from VineOh! One thing that's great is they offer a sweet wine club, which says they know women in the US often like their wine sweet. We might get paid if you join after clicking our links.

  • Get VineOh! for yourself and take advantage of their intro offer of a bonus bottle of wine and a fun "pinkies up" wine glass. Details of the other goodies when you click the link. Or use coupon WINEYAY at checkout.
  • Try before you buy Save 20% on any order of 4+ bottles.

Wine Country Gift Baskets

Our Wine Country Gift Baskets wine

Wine Country Gift Baskets is a fixture in wine gifting. One of the most successful wine gift basket businesses on the market, they buy wine in very high volume and offer a monthly subscription (whether for yourself or as a gift) at their terrific pricing. The wines we received in our shipments (Steeplechase Chardonnay, CrossRidge Peak Merlot, Hobson Estate Sauvignon Blanc, and Briar Creek Zinfandel) were premium quality and had no objectionable characteristics—this is so very important when you’re giving wine as a gift. They have a variety of configurations (red and white wine, red wine only, white only) and a variety of subscription lengths (two, three, six, or 12 months) so pricing varies a bit. Expect to pay around $40 per shipment (sometimes less, shipping included). We might get paid if you join after clicking our link.

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Harry & David Wine Club

Harry & David is renowned for their amazing pears, but their quality and taste-level extends well beyond just fruit. We’re very interested in the Harry & David Wine Club. In the past they partnered with to fulfill this service, but that wasn’t interesting at all. The new Harry & David Wine Club is especially designed for gift-giving in that each shipment contains private-label Harry & David wine from a winery in Oregon (where Harry & David is located). If you’re looking at it for yourself, think of it more like joining a winery wine club where it’s important to really like what that winery produces. We love that they offer a Monthly Wine Club ($38.33/month for two bottles), a Monthly Wine & Cheese Club ($33.33/month for one bottle and a perfectly-paired cheese), and a Monthly Wine, Cheese, and Fruit Club ($55/month for one bottle, one perfectly-paired cheese, and one perfectly-paired fruit). All of their wine clubs ship for $10/month, but sales tax applies to Oregon residents. Note: We have not yet received a shipment of the Harry & David Wine Club or wine and we might get paid if you join after clicking our links.

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The Bounty Hunter

We’ve wanted to work with The Bounty Hunter for years, and now this process is underway. The Bounty Hunter is a renown wine bar and store in Napa, California. Their reputation locally is legendary and lucky you, you can enjoy their killer wine selection in your own living room, even you don’t live anywhere near Napa. They have so many wine clubs, it’s hard to know where to start, but here’s the rundown: Club Pinot ($139/month for 3 Pinot Noir wines); Double Barrel Club ($299/month for 3 exceptional red wines); Gold Club ($139/month for 3 bottles: 2 reds and 1 white or all red); Killer Cab ($149/month for 3 bottles of Cab and Cab blends); Most Wanted ($600/quarter for 6 bottles of exceptional red wines); Reference Club ($89-149/quarter for 3 bottles of red or white wine depending on the shipment’s theme); Silver Club ($99/month for 3 bottles: 2 reds and 1 white, all white, or all red). Note: We have not yet received a shipment of any of The Bounty Hunter wine clubs and we might get paid if you join after clicking our link.

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Wine Insiders

When it comes to delivering a lot of wine at low prices, Wine Insiders wins. Their regular shipments (one every three months plus a summer shipment and a winter shipment) cost ($195/shipment for 15 bottles— $12.99/bottle—including shipping). Choose red wine, white wine, or both. Not sure if this kind of wine subscription is for you or if you’ll like the wines? Try their LOW-risk introductory deal where you get 15 wines for $89.99—$5.99/bottle—shipping included). If you don’t cancel, you’ll get your next shipment 13 weeks later. In your second shipment, they include a 7-piece Corkscrew Set, valued at $59.99, with wine opener, foil cutter, pourer, collar, stopper and more, all in a wooden gift box, as a gift to you. Note: We have not yet received a shipment of any wine from Wine Insiders and we might get paid if you join after clicking our link.

Heartwood & Oak

This wine club is brought to you by the same company as Wine Insiders, but the Heartwood & Oak club is 12 bottles per month so you pay a little bit more per bottle. Regular quarterly shipments are $169.90 for 12 bottles—$14.16 per bottle—including shipping. They offer the same great $89.99 introductory offer for Heartwood & Oak as they do for Wine Insiders, and the same great corkscrew set in your second shipment if you don’t cancel. So, what’s the difference between these two clubs? If you want 15 bottles per quarter, pick Wine Insiders. If you want 12 bottles per quarter, pick Heartwood & Oak. Note: We have not yet received a shipment of any wine from Heartwood & Oak and we might get paid if you join after clicking our link.

Clubs Galore

Clubs Galore is a monthly club service that offers FIFTY-SIX different monthly clubs. Back when a wine of the month club was a novel concept, this company’s wine club made for a great gift. Nowadays, the company has so little focus and tells us so little about the wines they’ve shipped previously that we’re not sure what to think of their wine club. They offer three levels of their wine club: Premier ($39.99/month for two bottles); Executive ($69.99/month for two bottles); and Connoisseur ($129.99/month for two bottles). They also offer a Champagne & Sparkling club ($129.99/month for two bottles). Shipping is free on all of their wine clubs. As a side note, we find some of their non-wine clubs intriguing: Date Night Club, Gift Card Club, Gardener Club, and of course the “Build Your Own” club which we see, and love, at other monthly gift companies. Note: We have not yet received a shipment of any wine from Clubs Galore and we might get paid if you join after clicking our links.

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