Cheers to Summer Rosé Deals for 2018

Our Favorite Rosé Deals for Summer
Last Updated: 4/17/2018

It’s April and while most of the country is still waiting to thaw, here at WineClubReviews we’re already saying #YesWayRosé and salivating over this summer’s best rosé deals. Truth be told, we don’t actually wait for summer to drink #RoséAllDay, but since that’s the most popular time of year to #DrinkPink, that’s when the best offers surface.

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Check out Rosé 101 if you need some background on why Rosé wine is so hot.

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Summer Water Societé
A Three-Month Rosé Wine Subscription by Winc

Summer Water Societé 2018 - Three Sizes: 175 mL, 750 mL, 1.5 L magnum

A few years ago when Winc started making their own wine, they set off on a mission to create a great rosé and they rather cleverly named it Summer Water. It sold out very quickly (because who doesn’t want to drink a wine called Summer Water) so the next year Winc increased their production and launched the Summer Water Societé — a fun way to describe Winc’s seasonal rosé wine subscription. We bet you’re not surprised to learn that sold out lightning quick, too!

What is Summer Water? A Quick Review

Aside from a clever brand name, Summer Water is a rosé made from a blend of different red wine grapes from the Central Coast wine region of California, mostly from Monterey and Santa Barbara County. The 2017 vintage are a blend of 85% Grenache and 15% Syrah and the juice was fermented in stainless steel.

It is a dry, light-bodied rosé produced using the maceration method of rosé winemaking where the little bit of color comes from short contact with the grape skins. The grapes were harvested early to achieve a higher acidity — this is why these taste fresh and bright and go so well with lighter fare like salads, fish (especially sushi and ceviche), and shellfish.

The prominent flavors in the 2017 Summer Water include grapefruit, strawberry, and white peach. Like all rosé, it’s best served cold. 12.5% alcohol by volume. This wine is Vegan-friendly (according to Winc).

Summer Water Societé 2018 - What you get: 3 Magnums in May and July, 24 Droplets in June

What is the Summer Water Societé?

This year Winc has taken their Summer Water Societé to another level — and of course increased production yet again. It’s too much fun to think about, but here’s the rundown on what you get for $350 (shipping included, each shipment contains the equivalent of six bottles):

Psssst! The Summer Water Societé seasonal rosé wine subscription launched April 16, 2018 and is sure to sell out again, but Winc loves us so much they held back 50 subscriptions just for our readers, so even when you can’t get it anywhere else, you can get it through us.

Click Here | Join the Summer Water Societé

Want to try it before you buy it? You’ll need to hurry, but if you join Winc’s regular wine club today, you can put a regular 750mL of 2017 Summer Water in your first box and it will ship in the next few days. Then chill it, taste it, and order your Summer Water Societé membership before it’s gone!

Rosé Summer Wine Club
A Four-Month Rosé Wine Subscription by Ninety Plus Cellars

Rosé Summer Wine Club by Ninety Plus Cellars

What is Ninety Plus Cellars?

If you’re not already familiar with Ninety Plus Cellars (Ninety+), let me break it down for you. Through various means, Ninety+ brings wine to market they believe that could rank 90 points or higher if critically-reviewed. Sometimes they purchase grapes that haven’t yet been harvested and make their own wines, sometimes they buy wine that’s already been produced but needs to be bottled, and every once in a while they’ll buy wine that’s already bottled but just needs a label and a winery to sell it.

This method of acquiring great quality wine and selling it under their own label allows them to keep their prices low — wines that would normally sell for much higher prices. This is (roughly) the same business model in use by Cameron Hughes and Kirkland wines at Costco.

To celebrate the season, the Ninety Plus Cellars Rosé Summer Wine Club features their three rosés:

Rosé Summer Wine Club by Ninety Plus Cellars

Deliveries of the Rosé Summer Wine Club will arrive in May, June, July, and August. You can choose between three bottles for $50 per shipment or six bottles for $90 per shipment (shipping is included in the monthly price).

Click Here | Preorder the Rosé Summer Wine Club

Want more than just rosé for a steal? Ninety Plus Cellars also offers a quarterly wine club subscription featuring 3, 6, or 12 bottles of their exceptional selections. We haven't yet published our formal review, but we think highly of Ninety Plus Cellars.

Shades of Summer
A One-Time Wine Tasting Shipment by VineBox

Shades of Summer by Vinebox

Unlike the other rosé deals mentioned on this page, the Shades of Summer box by VineBox is a one-time shipment. But first...

What is VineBox?

VineBox is a unique wine club which selects premium wines each month and then rebottles them into 3.3 oz (10 cL) glass tubes. We’ve received numerous shipments of VineBox and we are always impressed with the quality of the wines they include in their program.

The technology they use to rebottle the wines ensures the wine is not exposed to oxygen before being repackaged in the by-the-glass tubes.

Their focus is on European wines. The wine regions represented are typically either the very best from the country, or regions that you've never heard of but will be glad to know. Similarly, the grapes and blends are either premier selections or unusual varietals just waiting to be discovered.

Shades of Summer by Vinebox

Shades of Summer wine tasting box contains 9 glasses of wine for $76. It includes six rosés of various shades, two chillable reds, and one crisp white. This guarantees you’ll have the perfect glass of wine on hand for any dish you eat this summer. Notice how the Chateau les Crostes rosé is practically the same color as the white wine? That's a common practice in Provence, the home of rosé.

Want to share it with your significant other or besties? You can order of up to four boxes of the Shades of Summer wine selection and shipping begins May 7.

Like Summer Water Societé, Shades of Summer is guaranteed to sell out quickly. VineBox’s infamous Wine Advent Calendar disappears in the blink of an eye and Shades of Summer will, too.

Click Here | Preorder the Shades of Summer Wine Tasting Box

Love the idea of wine by the glass? VineBox offers a monthly wine subscription of 3 tastes, too. If you love any of the wines, you can order full-sized (750 mL) bottles or more glasses. Read our VineBox Review to learn more.

Rosé Bouquet
A Six-Pack of Rosé from Martha Stewart Wine Co.

The Martha Stewart Wine Company offers affordable wines selected by Martha herself from a curated collection presented to her each month. They sell wine by the bottle, in six-packs, and as a subscription. They've got a great six-pack of rosés this season for $87.70, plus $9.95 for shipping.

Rosé Six-Pack from Martha Stewart

Includes the following wines:

Click Here | Buy the Martha Stewart Rosé Bouquet

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Check out these Rosé wine of the month clubs

Bubbles & Rosé Club by Vinley Market

Bubbles & Rosé Club
Get hand-picked rosé, bubbly, and bubbly rosé delivered every month

$40 for 2 bottles
at Vinley Market

Rosé Wine of the Month Club

Rosé Wine of the Month Club
Two interesting rosés delivered every other month

from $40 for 2 bottles
at The Original Wine of the Month Club®

Winc Wine Subscription

Winc Wine Subscription
Pick your own wine — including rosé!

from $52 for 4 bottles
at Winc