Oregon Wine Gifts: 5 Handpicked Gifts for Wines From Oregon Wine Lovers

The Best Oregon Wine Gifts

About these gifts

Oregon, when it comes to wine, is best known for Pinot Noir. It is said, by some, that their Pinot Noir rivals that of Burgundy. Whether you are a true believer or not, it’s undisputed that for Oregon Pinot lovers, a gift of Oregon wine is a no-brainer, and really, it’s a great gift for any Pinot lover.

Oregon is also known for great sparkling wine, often produced from Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and a smattering of other wines produced primarily in the Willamette Valley. The Rogue Valley and Walla Walla Valley (which is also in the state of Washington) also produce terrific wine. You’ll find all of them in the wine gifts on this page.

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