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Champagne Lhuillier Wine Reviews

These are my most recent Champagne Lhuillier reviews. I drank each of these Champagne Lhuillier wines and this is what I think about them. My opinions about each wine are my own.

Wine reviews by: Jessyca Frederick

Lhuillier Champagne Brut Tradition

NV Lhuillier Champagne Brut Tradition

Delightful Champagne at a very fair price, it offered a subtle lemony essence and creme brulée while not being overly yeasty. More flavors developed while it was open.

Tasting notes: lemon, creme brulee, brioche, biscuit

Notice: I hold no formal wine credentials. I am a wine geek who has consumed 1000+ of bottles from 100+ different wine clubs and 1000s more bottles that didn’t come from those wine clubs. I do not accept payment for wine reviews, and I do not accept payments to influence my opinions. I happily accept free wine (and I buy wine).

Why read my wine reviews: Wine taste is subjective. What I like may not be what you like. I try to leave room for you to form your own opinions, so I don’t provide a score or a rating. I do point out wines that are an incredible value or truly not worth the money. I note flaws, wines that don’t have typicity (because this matters if you are buying wine without having tasted it yourself), when wines are out of balance, and when wines lack appropriate body.

I don’t like wasting money (or anything for that matter). I’m careful about where I spend my money and my mindset as a reviewer is to be careful about where you spend yours. I don’t believe a high price tag equals quality and I know for sure there are wines of very good quality that are also a great value.

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