Naked Wines Camille Benitah Volute Review

Previously a maker of cult wines herself, Camille Benitah was responsible for Merus ($150 back in 2008) and has worked with Paul Hobbs, too. She’s got serious chops and she works with Naked Wines because they allow her to focus on the creative side and they take care of the rest of the details.

Wine review by: Jessyca Frederick

Camille Benitah Volute
Camille Benitah Volute: front of bottle with wine in glass

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About this Wine

Wine: 2020 Camille Benitah Volute
Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon (dominant), Merlot (percentages not disclosed)
Region: Napa Valley, California
Retail price: $58.99
Angel price: $24.99
Angels who would buy again: 90% of 109 would buy again
I consumed it: February 2023
My source:

The Back Label

Camille Benitah VoluteBack Label

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From this winery: Naked Wines

Region: Napa Valley, California

Wine color/style: Red wine

Grape variety or blend: Red blend

Tasting notes: Black fruit, Graphite, Chocolate, Oaky, Smooth tannin

Camille Benitah Volute: What I think

A while back Naked Wines invested heavily in a campaign to show how Napa wines cost too much and that customers are paying big mark-ups because of middlemen and to make exorbitant profits. They’ve backed off the messaging, but it's still their jam.

This Camille Benitah red blend from Napa Valley was just like any other Napa Cab on the nose — black fruits and graphite. On the mid palate the use of oak was prominent with flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and something toasty. Overall it was a drop acidic, not especially fruit forward, and smooth.

I might expect to pay $30-35 for this wine, but definitely not $58.99. Either way, it’s heads and shoulders above $25 red wines from the grocery store.

Last updated: March 28, 2023

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