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On this page you'll find all of the Kosher wine of the month clubs we've reviewed. Our ratings system looks at quality-to-price ratio, shipping costs, uniqueness, and custom features. Wherever possible, prices include shipping costs, but rarely include sales tax. Be sure to select the state you're shipping to, as not all wine clubs can ship to all states.

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Overview: For most people, shopping for kosher wine is a challenge, as few stores in America carry a decent selection. is like for Jews who keep kosher but still like to drink wine (in Yiddish we call the ones who get drunk shikkers). And, for those who want the convenience of a wine of the month club, this is perfect way to get that kosher wine delivered.

What We Love: We're happy to see them offering both ongoing subscriptions and pre-paid gift subscriptions, as well as discounts on reorders.

Could Be Better: Like many other wine clubs, we'd like the to tell us which wines they've sent in recent shipments so we can be sure we're getting good value for our wine budget.

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