Avec Eric Perfect Pairings Wine Club Review


All-Around Wine Club Rating: This wine club is unrated


A foodie or gourmet's dream wine club. Eric Ripert's sublime recipes paired with his sommelier's selections delivered to your door.

What We Like

We love Eric Ripert in general, and since we don't live anywhere New York City we love that we can get a slice of the Eric Ripert experience here at home.


We'd love to see them offer a four-bottle selection for this club as well. Four opportunities for gourmet experience at home would help our food budget!


Every time we look at the page for this wine club at, we start drooling... and not just because Eric Ripert is so charming. Imagining the recipes that accompany special wine selections for this wine club gets our inner-gourmands excited and ready to head out for dinner!

While most wine clubs offer you a recipe pairing suggestion, no other club has a world-class chef and sommelier team choosing the wines and recipes to go with them. If you have never heard of Eric Ripert all you really need to know about his qualifications to pair his sommelier’s wines with amazing recipes is that his New York City restaurant Le Bernardin has three Michelin stars (an extraordinarily difficult rating to attain).

A note about wine and food pairings: Most people with an experienced palate for both food and wine will talk about the importance of pairing the right foods with the right wines because it elevates each to be better than they are on their own. Most non-foodie consumers look for more rule-based food-and-wine pairing suggestions because of their limited knowledge. Some of these “rules” you might know are white wines with cheese, chicken, and fish; red wines with meat. In reality, the more you understand which flavor profiles go well together (sweet wines with salty snacks, bright whites with lighter fish or summery dishes, spicy and fruity reds with minimally-prepared cuts of steak, cherry-bomb Pinot Noirs with salmon, robust Zinfandels with BBQ, etc.) the more you can do this for yourself. Except that you’ll probably never be as good at as Eric Ripert & Aldo Sohm, so why not let them do it for you? wine clubs have tools for gift-giving:

  • If you’re giving this wine club subscription as a last-minute gift, they have a template you can customize and print on your home computer so you have something to present to the recipient on the occasion you’re gifting.
  • Gift recipient email address (to send delivery notice, recommended since adult signature is required)
  • Add a printed gift message: add a free gift message for your gift card and email notice (240 characters). By entering a gift message, you indicate your order is a gift and we will withhold all price information from its contents.
  • Last Updated: 8/30/2010

Jessyca Frederick

Things to know

  • Shipping is extra
  • 15% Discount on re-orders (while supplies last)
  • Two bottles each month selected by Eric Ripert and Aldo Sohm
  • Monthly recipes paired to the wine selections

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All-Around Wine Club Rating: This wine club is unrated

Avec Eric Perfect Pairings Wine Club