Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation Guide

Coravin Sparkling: A Useful Guide

Is the Coravin Sparkling worth it? It depends…

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What is the Coravin Sparkling?

After many years of being told never to use a Coravin on a sparkling wine, now you can — but not your original Coravin, an all new Coravin Sparkling which works completely differently than a regular Coravin or Coravin Pivot. Notably, it uses carbon-dioxide capsules instead of argon capsules and it only preserves open bottles of bubbly for two weeks.

System components

This three-part system consists of a Charger (the device), Stoppers (which go in the bottle), and the CO2 capsules. All components of the Coravin Sparkling system come with your initial purchase. You’ll get one Charger, two Stoppers, and four CO2 Capsules. A full system costs $399 and ships free from

The Coravin Charger
The Charger Coravin Sparkling Stoppers
The Stoppers
Buy extra for $89.95 a pair Coravin Sparkling CO2 Capsules
The CO2 Capsules
Buy extra for $44.95 per six, or save more with a Club Coravin membership (free to join)

How does the Coravin Sparkling work?

The Coravin Sparkling in use

Unlike a standard Coravin which pumps in argon as you pour out wine, the Coravin Sparkling doesn’t get to work until you’re done pouring wine. With a combination of the Stopper and the Charger, the air in your bottle of bubbly gets replaced with pure CO2, preserving the bubbles and freshness of the remaining sparkling wine.

Coravin Sparkling works on all kinds of sparkling wine and all bottle sizes up to a Magnum. Try it on your Champagne, sure, but you can also use it on Cava, Prosecco, sparkling wine from California — any method of making the bubbles.

How long does a CO2 capsule last?

Like other Coravin capsules, your mileage may vary. Under optimal usage conditions, each CO2 capsule can preserve seven bottles of sparkling wine, with each bottle staying bubbly for up to two weeks.

Maybe. I’m thrilled Coravin has finally come to market with a product for sparkling wines and Champagne, but most people probably don’t need one.

Most people who open a bottle of bubbly finish it. That’s because most people drink Champagne to celebrate an occasion and temperance clashes with a party. For those folks, specifically those who don’t aspire to drink bubbly more often, I’d say skip it.

For frequent sparkling wine drinkers and connoisseurs — particularly those who would like a glass of bubbly everyday without needing to finish a bottle — it’s a different matter. For those with a hot streak of joie de vivre and a bon vivant lifestyle, the Coravin Sparkling might just be the best thing ever.

As Coravin says, “Coravin Sparkling™ is the sparkling wine preservation system that allows you to open a bottle one weekend, then finish it at brunch the next. Whether it’s a pre-dinner glass of bubbly, celebrating the end of a long day, or kicking off the weekend, now you can pop any bottle of sparkling wine without hesitation.”

If you know someone who loves sparkling wine but doesn’t get to drink it as often as they like, this would be an amazing gift. Especially because it doesn’t have to be reserved just for Champagne occasions — Prosecco lovers rejoice! Bring out that Asti Spumante you’ve been saving! Where’s your Cremant at?

Where to buy a Coravin Sparkling?

Coravin Sparkling is sold at most wine stores and some home goods stores. You can find them online at specialty wine stores and high-end gourmet shops like Sur La Table and Williams-Sonoma.

Why Buy at

  1. All orders over $75 come with free shipping at
  2. Coravin uses the MRP pricing model (this means their retailers all agree to charge the same price as a condition of being allowed to sell Coravin). This is common practice with many well-known brands — like Apple, COACH, and Ralph Lauren. It also means you can shop till you’re blue in the face and you won’t find better prices from an authorized seller than on Because it’s Coravin’s own website, they can offer discounts and specials their retailers can’t.
  3. If you buy your Coravin System at, you get a 30-day money back guarantee. Good luck returning a Coravin product to some discounter that offered you a better price against the rules.
  4. Join Club Coravin. You’ll get special pricing on replacement CO2 capsules, a one-year extension on your warranty, and free shipping on orders over $50.

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