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Le Grand Verre Wine Club Review

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Le Grand Verre Wine Club Review

The introductory shipment of wines from Le Grand Verre. Note: the introductory shipment includes two bonus wines, subsequent shipments are four “bottles” each.

What is Le Grand Verre?

Le Grand Verre, which translates to “The Big Glass,” is an innovative wine importer specializing in small-scale wineries from France. Instead of importing full-size bottles, they embrace the idea of wine tasting “by the glass” and all of the flexibility this affords. In addition to working only with small wineries, they have an emphasis on women-led wineries and they offer a good selection of organic wine, too.

Their novel packaging is 187 mL (roughly 6.3 oz, this is one quarter of a bottle, commonly called a “split” in the wine industry) and made from recycled, shatter-proof PET (food-safe plastic). These wines aren’t meant for aging but will last up to two years in this packaging.

Their PET is lined (on the wine side) to protect the wine from plastic leaching. If you’re still on the fence about plastic, consider this: plastic is lighter weight than glass (reducing their wines’ overall carbon footprint).

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Recommended Wine Gifts from Le Grand Verre

French Wine Tasting for Two


French Wine Tasting for Two

Perfect with Dinner or Just Sipping on the Couch

Why This Gift

This limited edition Valentine’s Day selection of curated Le Grand Verre wine offers something for every palate this romantic season! Single serve for the free spirits. An exploratory and diverse collection of red, white, and rosé for budding new sweethearts. Quality wine sourced from boutique estates in Bordeaux, Languedoc, and the South of France for the sophisticated forever couples. For friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones – ethical wines for all the adoring oenophiles in your life!

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This gift ships everywhere because it does not have alcohol in it.

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