Get Wines Delivered to Rhode Island — Half (375mL)

Wine comes in a variety of sizes and packages these days. While we think of the 750mL glass bottle as "the standard," the reality is that people have different wants and needs, so more winemakers are embracing packaging diversity — especially better winemakers.

This page is all about 375mL wines. This is a seriously underrated bottle size. It's perfect for sharing when you just want a little wine, but it's also a great way to explore expensive wines on a budget. They typically cost a little more than half of their full-sized counterparts and are available at all levels of wine quality. Note: wines in this size age faster than regularly sized bottles, so it’s best to drink them within a year of purchase.

Tip: save your empties (and rinse them out well). When you don't finish a full size bottle, pour it into a half-size bottle, put the cork in it, and stick it in your fridge. It’ll last longer because it will be exposed to less oxygen while it rests.

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