Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Gifts

Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely consumed red wine grape in the United States. It has a reputation for being expensive, luxurious, and for partnering well with steaks. For many, Cabernet is the go-to wine choice, and therefore a great wine gift, but which Cabernet Sauvignon should you give?

There are different styles of Cabernet Sauvignon: subtle old world Bordeaux (the Cabernet-dominant blends are from the Left Bank appellations); bold Napa Valley Cab from powerhouses like Silver Oak, Caymus, Cakebread, and Stag’s Leap; and new world fruitier Cabs like those from Chile and Australia.

Cabernet Sauvignon is prized for its ageability, and wines bottled in magnums age more slowly than regular bottles. You can even buy aged Napa Cab that is perfectly cellared and ready to drink from The California Wine Club. Not sure about buying "older wine?" Try my Useful Guide to Aged Wine to get your bearings.

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