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Hi! At Wine Club Reviews we review companies that offer wine club subscriptions and sell wine gifts. This is a review of GrapeSeed Wine.

GrapeSeed Wine

Last Updated: 11/2/16

What to Expect from GrapeSeed Wine

GrapeSeed Wine is a new(ish) kind of wine club that's focused first on being an innovative wine company, and second on delivering regular shipments of wine to its membership base.

GrapeSeed contracts with pedigreed winemakers, provides them with high-quality fruit from vineyards they already know, and thereby produces interesting wines to share with their members under their own label. This isn't a new model, but with GrapeSeed the focus on quality and concept rather than on the final price per bottle.

Why we recommend GrapeSeed Wine

GrapeSeed feels more like a winery wine club than a traditional "wine of the month club." We receive shipments from (at time of review) 7 winery clubs and many many wine of the month clubs. The one thing most wine of the month clubs don't seem to get right is a personal connection with their customers. The wineries do a really great job of helping us wine drinkers feel connected to the winemakers, the vineyard staff, the tasting room staff, etc. and GrapeSeed has captured this connection between wine producer and customer in a top-notch manner.

GrapeSeed Wine Ratings

To get our wine club ratings, we look at 11 characteristics of each wine club. Some of these apply to the company as a whole, so we've included them here.

Satisfaction Guarantee -

Note: This rating is our objective analysis of GrapeSeed Wine’s satisfaction guarantee—not our assessment of whether or not you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with their wines.

A primary benefit of joining a wine club is a satisfaction guarantee. GrapeSeed Wine's doesn't exactly sing it from the mountain tops, but "if your order goes missing or is damaged we will send you a replacement order. If we are unable to dispatch replacement goods within 7 days we will offer you a full refund. In almost all states, if you're not happy with the wine for any reason just contact us and we will refund you the price you paid. As a general rule we will require return of the bottles you haven't drunk yet, but most of the time will ask you to try another bottle if we feel your unhappiness is due to a damaged wine. There are many reasons why this may happen. If we feel that you are taking advantage of us, [they] reserve the right to close your account and refuse a refund. In AZ or NJ? Contact [them] because special rules apply."

Wine Education -

This is an area where GrapeSeed Wine is slowly coming up to speed. Right now, only their special holiday shipments include educational materials. Until they offer educational materials in each shipment, you'll need to look up the limited tasting notes in their wine store.

Uniqueness of the Wine Club -

These days it's getting harder and harder to define yourself as unique in a crowded marketplace for wine clubs. After all, the idea is to get regular shipments of great wine, how unique can one be? We feel GrapeSeed Wine is rather unique in the market given their special relationships with winemakers and their focus on high-quality wines.

Jessyca Frederick

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