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Not sure which personalized wine subscription you want to join? This page compares Winc and Picked by side-by-side using my detailed ratings system. The ratings are based on my experiences with each club — including tasting the wine over multiple shipments.

Which is better, Winc or Picked by

I prefer Picked by to Winc, mostly because there is a much larger inventory for the sommeliers to choose from at than I can choose from at Winc. The reality is that these are very different personalized wine experiences and I can’t say which is better for you. Please review this head-to-head comparison of Winc and Picked by to evaluate which wine subscription is more suitable for your preferences. See why.

What are the key differences between Winc and Picked by

The biggest differences between Winc and Picked by are: Cost per shipment, Satisfaction guarantee, Number of bottles per shipment, Quality of wine, Price of wine, Educational materials, Convenience features, Giftworthiness

What are the key similarities between Winc and Picked by

Winc and Picked by are quite similar in these areas:

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WINC Wine Club

Picked by

Picked by
Do they ship to you?
Overall rating
This rating reflects all of the wine club elements below and is weighted for personalized wine clubs.
Winc Picked by
4.6 stars 5 stars
Wine styles
Choose any: red, white, rosé, sparkling, sweet, and cider Choose any: Red, white, or a mix
Wine regions
Choose either or both: USA and International Choose wine from around the world
What to know
Winc is an algorithm-based personalized wine club, but they let you pick your own wine, too. By delivering a range of wine grapes, regions, and styles, Winc is always a top contender for a personalized wine subscription.

One of Winc’s strong suits is their winemaking team. Headquartered on California’s Central Coast, many of their wines are made with grapes from the area, where high-quality vineyards and less-common grape varieties are de rigeur.

Some of the changes to their business model seem a little unfriendly to their customers, particularly that there is a minimum monthly charge but that unspent credits are non-refundable.
Picked by is a unique personalized wine subscription in that every bottle you receive is handpicked just for you by a human sommelier, not an algorithm. has been sitting out the wine subscription business for almost a decade, but when they came back in, they created a thoughtful, human-led product designed for wine lovers, not just wine drinkers.

I’d like to see options for bigger (and smaller) shipments, options which include rosé and sparkling wines, and options to spend more than an average of $40 per bottle.
Best wine clubs
The editorial lists where I include this wine club and its ranking on that list.
Winc Picked by
This wine club is not on any lists

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A Personalized Wine Subscription

Personalization Rating
This rating reflects the degree of personalization available, not how well I think they do at matching wines to my taste preferences. Why? Each service requires a number of shipments before they hone in on your tastes (usually at least 3 shipments) and the quality of the personalization is, well, personal. Some services might be really good at your tasting profile but terrible at mine (and vice versa). This is why I don’t rate the ability of wine clubs to personalize your selection, rather I share my own experiences and let you be the judge.
Winc Picked by
5 stars 5 stars
Winc memberships begin with a personalization quiz. While you can rely on their algorithm to choose your wine according to the preferences stated in your quiz, you can also choose every bottle in every box. Order as much or as little as you want each month (above the minimum 4 bottles).

The matching power of the Winc algorithm is more limited than some others because they have a smaller inventory of wine to choose from, but your ability to choose your own wine is a big plus on personalization.

I like that I can choose my own wines from Winc depending on what looks interesting (the ultimate in personalization). I do not find their recommended wines match my actual preferences.
Like other personalized wine subscriptions, your Picked subscription starts with a quiz. This is a much smarter, wine-centric quiz than the other services. It includes detailed preferences and even a write-in section.

Once you have input your selections, a professional sommelier will pick wines to suit your stated preferences. As you taste and rate wines they ship you, your sommelier will adjust his/her selections. The more info you provide, the better the service will be.

I was impressed with the wines I received based on my quiz results and additional information I provided. The sommelier did not know I am an affiliate marketer, but she definitely paid close attention to my wishes.

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At Signup

Winc Picked by
Number of Bottles
3 (minimum bottles per order) 6
Delivery Frequency
Monthly Monthly
Introductory Offer

Deal Four for $29.95
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Deal Save $50 on membership
Join today and save $50 on your first box of wine personalized by you and picked by a sommelier. Use code PICK50 at checkout.

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Subscription Cost

Winc Picked by
Winc (3 bottles) Picked by (6 bottles)
Total Price per Shipment
You deposit $59.95 each month and spend as much of that (or more) as you wish. If you don’t use all of your credits in a given month, they roll over to the next month. $120-240, variable based on which settings you choose
Price per Bottle Including Shipping
Variable (You choose your wine and how many bottles) $20-40, variable based on which settings you choose
Price per Shipment
Variable (You choose your wine and how many bottles) $120-240, variable based on which settings you choose
Shipping Cost
Shipping is $9.99 for orders of 3 bottles. Shipping is free for orders of 4 or more bottles. Shipping is included
Price per Bottle Before Shipping
$12.99 - $29.99 (You choose your wine) $20-40, variable based on which settings you choose

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Wine Ratings

Winc Wine Review Picked by Wine Review
Quality of Wine
This rating reflects how the wine is sourced and produced, as well as how it compares to similar wine clubs.
3.5 stars 4 stars
Winc wines are "private label" of generally equal quality to similarly-priced wine clubs. Winc offers wine at a variety of prices and the quality varies by price. Their cheapest white wines and rosés are 4-star wines. Their cheapest red wines are 3 star wines. The more expensive wines are generally of better quality and their international selection is generally a better value than their California selection. Wine quality varies widely around the world and by grape variety or blend. Because’s sommeliers have their pick of their huge inventory, and sommeliers are specially trained to spot great wine values, you can expect good quality wine at any price setting
Price of Wine
Winc Picked by
4 stars 4.5 stars
Winc sells their wine at retail locations (like Whole Foods), hotels, restaurants, and on their website without a membership. Members pay discounted prices as compared to these retail locations. The discount varies depending on the wine, but you never pay "full price." generally charges below retail and you are paying’s listed prices for the wine in your shipment.

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Additional Ratings

Satisfaction Guarantee
This rating reflects the quality of the club’s satisfaction guarantee, not my guarantee of your satisfaction.
Winc Picked by
5 stars 5 stars
If you don’t like a wine you receive, you can contact customer service to get a credit applied to your account.

"If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, please let us know immediately. We will gladly credit Winc Members the full value of your bottle towards another wine of your choosing in your next shipment."
If you don’t like a wine you receive, you can contact customer service to get a credit applied to your account.

"If any bottle misses the mark, we’ll give you a full credit to apply to a new bottle."
Customer Service Record
This rating is a mix of my own experiences with their customer service team and general ratings from across the web over time.
Winc Picked by
3 stars 4 stars
Over the years, Winc has had some unfriendly-to-the-customer policies regarding cancelling and credits, as well as shipping problems. These problems seem to persist, most notably with service not actually being cancelled when the customer thought it was. has an impressive customer service record as recorded online. In my past dealings with, their customer service team has been top notch. None of my customer service interactions were related to Picked.
Educational Materials
This rating reflects how much information you get about the wine you receive.
Winc Picked by
3 stars 3.5 stars
Winc’s attitude about wine education is that they want to be your nerdy wine friend who doesn’t overhwelm you with nerdy information. The information you get about each wine is only available online. Their wine profile includes body, sweetness, alcohol, winemaking (vegan, low sulfur, low sugar, sustainable, etc.), fruit, earth, and wood (oakiness). I wish they didn’t hold back so much of that nerdy information about the actual grapes/vineyards from where the wine originates. The wine information for wines is all online. The amount of information they provide varies widely from detailed tasting notes and background information about the winery to basic info to describe the wine.
A subscription should be easier than shopping at the store. That means you have control over when and where deliveries occur and that it is easy to make changes to your account online.
Winc Picked by
4.5 stars 5 stars
Choose a delivery date?
Yes Yes, you only get wine when you place an order
Skip a shipment any time?
Yes, skip shipments whenever you want You decide when you want wine, so no need to skip shipments. You can pause deposits if needed.
Fully manage account online
Yes Yes
Cancel online
No Yes
Choose alternate delivery location
Yes Yes
Get SMS delivery updates from the club
Yes No
Get email delivery updates from the club
Yes Yes
Email reminders before card is charged
Yes Yes

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Available Upgrades

Winc Picked by
Case discount
Buy 12 bottles at a time and save an extra 10% n/a
Pre-pay for credits
Buy your Winc credits ahead of time and save up to 20% n/a
Wine upgrades
Winc offers wine at a variety of prices, you can choose more expensive wines whenever you want n/a

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Good for Gifts?

Winc Picked by
2.5 stars 2.5 stars
Gift options?
Yes Yes
Gift format
Electronic gift card Electronic gift card
Gift wrap
No No
Gift notification
Yes, an email is sent at time of purchase Yes, an email is sent at time of purchase

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