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On this page you'll find all of the Rosé wine of the month clubs we've reviewed. Our ratings system looks at quality-to-price ratio, shipping costs, uniqueness, and custom features. Wherever possible, prices include shipping costs, but rarely include sales tax. Be sure to select the state you're shipping to, as not all wine clubs can ship to all states.

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Overview: Naked Wines isn’t really a wine club the way you think of one, but it’s a personalized wine buying service that you pay into on a monthly subscription so… we treat it like one. It also happens to be the most interesting wine club we’ve come across in a while.

About Their Rosé: Naked Wines offers much more than just Rosé, but there aren't a ton of Rosé subscriptions out there, so we recommend checking it out. If the pink stuff is your favorite, there were 10 different rosés for sale when we last checked (Oct 10, 2019). Wine regions for the Naked Rosé selection include Loire Valley, Provence, California, and Oregon. They've made rosé from Malbec, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, and more.

Wine by the Glass Club

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Overview: One-of-a-kind wine tasting club which delivers wine by the glass instead of in full size bottles so you can taste your way through sommelier-selected grown up juice. Reorder full bottles or more glasses of what you love. Now delivered quarterly.

Wine Club Gift Info: This is, by far, our favorite wine club gift for adventurous drinkers, light drinkers, and even wine professionals. In addition to a top-notch sommelier-curated wine selection, the packaging is novel and fun, and really well-constructed. Save big with longer subscriptions and when you double the order for two people to enjoy.

Rosé Wine Club

by Wine of the Month Club ®
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Overview: Heavily hyped when released in the Spring and in the Summer when sipping on pink wine is de rigeur, Rosé goes great with all of your lighter meals the rest of the year, too. Dress up a salad, some poultry, or fish with a pink rosé. This club ships two bottles every other month.

About Their Rosé: The Original Wine of the Month Club knows popular wine when it sees it, so they've created a rosé subscription alongside their other wine clubs. The rosé club features dry pink wine from all of the world, including Provence, France — the birthplace of rosé. Why join a rosé wine club? Rosé goes well with healthy food any time of year!

Wine Club Gift Info: If you want to give a wine of the month club as a gift this year, this is a great choice for French wine lovers, especially Bordeaux lovers. Give three months or more and the gift is presented in a fun box. Also, our readers can save 10% on all pre-paid gift memberships with coupon code BESTWINE, worth at least $19.

Bubbles & Rosé Club

by Vinley Market
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Overview: Sometimes you want bubbly, sometimes you want rosé, and with this club you can get both from small wineries offering exceptional value. There aren't many sparkling wine clubs and this is the only wine club we know of that promises rosé in every shipment.

About Their Rosé: One of a kind, this rosé subscription service offers a still and sparkling rosé in each shipment. Because the wine club is on the smaller side, they get access to small-batch wines that bigger clubs wouldn't be interested in. This means their sommelier-led wine team finds gems like the Casa Dumetz rosé we received, and sparkling rosés from tiny international wineries.

Wine Club Gift Info: The Bubbles & Rosé wine club makes a terrific gift for anyone who enjoys wine. These somm-selected dry rosés, both still and sparkling, are one of our favorite wine club gifts because every box is fun and brings joy. Gift message available, but no gift wrap.