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This is a curated list of International wine of the month clubs. Our ratings system looks at quality-to-price ratio, shipping costs, uniqueness, and custom features. Wherever possible, prices include shipping costs, but rarely include sales tax. Be sure to select the state you're shipping to, as not all wine clubs can ship to all states.

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    by Tasting Room by Lot18
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer
    Get a $40 tasting kit for just $6.95 when you sign up today. No coupon needed.

    Overview: This is a 12-bottle case personalized wine club. The "tasting kit" experience is deceiving and should be ignored, because once you rate a case of wine from them, the wines come in at a pretty good value and generally in line with what you like in your wine. Overall this is a wine club which offers the most flexibility and convenience of any other... now they just need to get the initial experience straightened out.

    What We Love: Their best feature is total control of your account online without having to contact customer service — change the contents of your shipment, change your shipment size, have your next shipment sent exactly when you want it, or even cancel online.

    Could Be Better: The initial experience is a little rough. The wines offered in the $6.95 tasting kit are extreme tasting (this is likely the best way to identify the boundaries of your palate) but it leaves a not-so-great first impression. To make matters worse, they send out your first shipment of wine only 24 hours after you receive your tasting kit, which means your first case has nothing to do with preferences set by your tasting kit experience. After you rate your first set of wines, the selection improves dramatically and the wine become a good fit for your palate. This experience should be improved so that the first case that is shipped reflects the input from your tasting kit experience.

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    Limited Time Offer
    Buy More, Save More! Save $10 on any 4-shipment order with code SAVE10. Save $15 on any 6-shipment pre-paid order with code SAVE15. Save $25 on any 12-shipment pre-paid order with code SAVE25.

    Overview: The Bold Reds club features Interntaional red wines showcasing, yep, bigger and bolder flavors. More tannic and fruit forward, these are not your typical easy-drinking wines.

    What We Love: International Wine of the Month Club focuses heavily on a seamless gift-giving experience. This is so important when evaluating a monthly wine club gift.

    Could Be Better: We'd like to see them offer four-bottle subscriptions, and better reorder pricing for club members.

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    Limited Time Offer
    Introductory offer: $69.99 for 12 bottles of wine! Also choose between free bonus gifts: 3 bottles of wine or a deluxe, lever-action corkscrew.

    Overview: The WSJWine club was one of the first 12-bottle case clubs offered up as a way to get your quarterly wine fix at value-focused prices. Over the years we've gone back and forth one whether or not they deliver a good value, but for some time we've thought their $12 wine selections really can't be beat for value, especially as prices keep rising at the grocery store. Take advantage of their introductory offer of just $69.99 for a case, but be warned, you are signing up for recurring shipments at a much higher price.

    What We Love: They have one of the best line-ups of introductory offers for wine clubs we've seen.

    Could Be Better: A more customized selection geared toward the Wall Street Journal's specific audience.

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    Curated Wine Club
    by Plonk Wine Club
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer
    Buying for Mom? Save $10 on any wine club gift with promo code MOM2017.

    Buying for yourself? Save $10 on any order with promo code NEWMEMBER.

    Bonus: Get a FREE double-hinged corkscrew with your first shipment. If you've never used one, you'll see why it's the best way to open a bottle of wine!

    Overview: Tired of ho-hum wines but not sure where to start? Try this wine club! The Plonk wine clubs have always been among our favorites because of the proprietor's preference for quirky but delectable wines made from grapes and regions you've never heard of (and some you have). Whether you choose two, four, or twelve bottles you'll be glad you picked Plonk. Also, if you're thinking of going red-only or white-only, you'll actually get (two or four) different selections.

    What We Love: This is a truly unique wine club with a bonus bottle on sign-up and a focus on Natural Wine (organic/biodynamic) that travels the world hunting for your next wine deal.

    Could Be Better: Nothing. We're pretty stoked about these guys.

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    Limited Time Offer
    WineClubReviews Exclusive! Save 50% on your first shipment when enrolling in an ongoing subscription of the International Series. Use coupon code WCRHALF

    Save 15% on Gifts with promo code GIFT15. Good until May 1, 2017.

    Overview: This wine club is a great for people who love California wine but are ready to try wines from other regions, too. Using the same methods and ideas of wine selection as they've used for years in California, The California Wine Club has translated their vision to an International stage. Get an in-depth look at new-to-you regions around the world with all of the perks of being a member of The California Wine Club.

    What We Love: The California Wine Club has an excellent reputation and they've been in business a long time. We like that it's a family business supporting other family businesses.

    Could Be Better: We have very little we feel The California Wine Club could do to improve. The prices sometimes feel a bit high, but when you factor in all of the benefits of membership, including a satisfaction guarantee, we still feel like you get what you pay for here.

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    Overview: If you're giving wine of the month clubs to your employees or clients this year, we strongly recommend Corporate Corks. In addition to an excellent selection of high-quality wines (this is the Plonk Curated Club dressed up for gifting), you'll get top-tier customer service. Need to put your own materials in the boxes? Not a problem, they'll take care of it.

    What We Love: Industry-leading customer service, no ho-hum selections allowed, always over-delivers on value, and it's a great wine club for foodies.

    Could Be Better: As this wine club continues to add more benefits like a satisfaction guarantee, discounts on reorders, partnerships to enhance their wine pairing, and more choices for customization, we only have praise for Plonk.

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    Limited Time Offer
    Exclusive offer: customers save 10% on all gift club memberships. Use coupon code BESTWINE.

    Buying for yourself? Get your first shipment for $9.98 and a bonus bottle for 1 penny more!

    Overview: From the original Wine of the Month Club (really, they're the first!) you get wine delivered every month at surprisingly low prices. The proprietor drives a hard bargain and passes those deals onto his customers. The Limited Series is their premium-level wine club and it's a nice choice when you're looking for "better" wines but still pinching your pennies. It also makes a really nice gift.

    What We Love: We love that Paul streams his wine-tasting sessions live over the Internet so we can see what he's tasting and how much he's rejected.

    Could Be Better: No recommendations for improvement here. This wine club sets the bar high as a standard for all other wine clubs.

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    The World of Wine Club
    by Vinesse
    All-Around Rating:

    Limited Time Offer
    Save $120 on your first shipment (six wines are only $9.75 each) and get two bonus bottles of a Russian River Valley Pinot Noir ($50 value).

    Overview: One of our favorite International wine clubs and one of our favorite Vinesse wine clubs, too. Each shipment contains six wines which introduce you to a new wine region — there are many clubs that do this, but not with six bottles and helpful tasting notes that tell you when it's time to drink your adventures in a bottle. A really fun wine club!

    What We Love: Consistent quality and excellent "discovery" club enhances your wine knowledge and expands your palate.

    Could Be Better: We'd love it customers were rewarded for ordering the bigger shipments. "Buy more save more" would be great!

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    Limited Time Offer
    Buy More, Save More! Save $10 on any 4-shipment order with code SAVE10. Save $15 on any 6-shipment pre-paid order with code SAVE15. Save $25 on any 12-shipment pre-paid order with code SAVE25.

    Overview: This is the premium-level wine club offered by International Wine of the Month Club. It features interesting estate wines from regions in France, Italy, South America, and beyond.

    What We Love: Great flexibility in billing and shipping, and customization paired with easy gift-giving make this wine club a great choice for the wine lovers in your world.

    Could Be Better: We'd love to see four-bottle shipments offered by this wine club.

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    Limited Time Offer
    Buy more, save more! Save 5% on 4-shipment gifts. No coupon needed.

    Overview: Whether you choose just the wine or you upgrade to include the regional gourmet treats with the Adventure Package, this quarterly wine club will take you on your own wine-drinking adventure around the world. Extensive regional and winery information goes out with each shipment, chock full of photos that help you feel like you're not really at home, but in a far away wine region.

    What We Love: It's hard to compare a wine club that includes extra goodies to one that doesn't, because come on, most wine lovers love food, too! The fact that you can't get these wines from any other company in the U.S. doesn't hurt either.

    Could Be Better: We don't have any suggestions for what to improve within the International Series wine club. Yay!

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