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13 Wine Clubs with Paid Gift Notice Before the Wine Arrives

Wine Clubs with Paid Gift Notice Before the Wine Arrives

Wine of the Month Clubs & Subscriptions with Paid Gift Notice Before the Wine Arrives

Gift Presentation Options: All Presentation Options Email or "download & print" (free) In the First Shipment (free and paid)

Best Wine of the Month Club Gifts: Best Gifts Wine Clubs

For extra gifty pomp and circumstance, one wine club company really stands out: The California Wine Club. For each of their wine club gifts, listed below, they offer an add-on service called Gift+. You pay extra to send a little wine gift out before the first shipment arrives. It includes a custom printed notice and free wine gifts (corkscrew and wine stopper). You can have this sent to yourself to present in person on the big day, or have it sent directly to your gift recipient if you can't be there to share the happy times.

How do you want to tell them about the gift? Via email when you order or on a future date, download and print a custom gift message, ship a special gift notice ahead of the wine, or send notice with the first shipment of wine.

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