12-Bottle Case of Wine Clubs

A case of wine typically contains 12 bottles — sometimes 6-bottle packs are called cases, too.

Wine Subscription Bottle Counts: All bottles 1 bottle 2 bottles 3 bottles 4 bottles 6 bottles (half-case)

As wine subscriptions have proliferated, so too have 12-bottle wine clubs (also called Case Clubs). Not all case clubs are created equal, though. On this page you'll find all of the 12-bottle wine of the month clubs we've reviewed and any deals or introductory offers, coupons, codes, and vouchers that are available for them as of February 2023. Don't forget to select the state you're shipping to — not all subscriptions can be delivered to all states.

FYI: I find great wine deals so you don’t have to. To keep me on the hunt, I earn a commission when you buy wine based on my recommendations.